Alpine Tours

〉 Security takes the first rank

The variety is huge - from snowcapped 3-thousend meter high Hohe Tauern in the National Park to the “mountain giants” in the neighboring countries - from varied, easy alpine tours full of pleasure to challenging tours for experienced hikers.

〉 You are an enthusiastic mountain hiker and looking for a new challenge?

New dimensions and impressions in the world of snowcapped peaks are waiting for you!
Your mountain guide will instruct you in the handling of climbing irons and ropes and will lead you securely over impressive glacier regions to the most beautiful peaks at the National Park Hohe Tauern.

〉 You are experienced in high alpine hiking, are free of dizziness - at steep, exposed areas?

Easy edge climbing and long ascents/descents are not foreign to you? You have been planning an ascent of a specific mountain and would like to be accompanied by a professional? Our certified mountain guides will be by your side and will lead you securely to the peak of your dreams.

〉 Tour Propositions

Großvenediger, 3666 meters

There are various routes that can be used for the ascent of Großvenediger. We will introduce you to a road from / to Neukirchen at Großvenediger, in a 2-day-tour with an overnight stay at Kürsinger Hütte (hut).

Start: parking ground Hopfeldboden / Obersulzbachtal

The Kürsinger hut is either reachable through a 6 hour walk from the parking ground Hopfeldboden over the Berndlalm and Postalm or you can use the valley-taxi to the end of the valley / to the ropeway for material transport. From there your luggage can be moved up the hill and you will walk for 2 hours along the west slopes of Keeskogel, over partly rocky, good secured steep steps up to the Kürsinger hut.

The next morning we will depart to the rope up point Obesulzbachkees, rising at the south side of Keeskogel, while the sun rises. With a lot of luck we will see Capricorns. The northwest flank of Großwenediger and the Große Geiger will be impressive in the morning sun.

From there a moderate ascent over the gigantic Obersulbachkees to Venedigerscharte will start (while being roped up). Dependent on the conditions we will either walk with or without climbing irons.

At the end a narrow, even firn line (approx. 60 m) will lead to the peak of the highest mountain in Salzburg country. Length of the descent, dependent on the conditions, will take 5-6 hours. The descent will take the same route as the ascent.

A technically easy alpine tour, you need endurance!